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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Four "hats" in first Swedish blog-review


"Early in the book, the reader is thrown into a complex plot in which the Mossad, Palestinian interests, Swedish duped scientists and biomedical companies are woven into a carpet of terrorism, revenge, greed and love. All this in Swedish idyllic archipelago, on the dusty streets and shady premises in the Middle East and in a clinically clean and controlled lab in Uppsala. Places that felt very much alive and visited. The language of the book is clean and has a good flow.

Sehlberg has once again gotten together a very dense and exciting thriller that also should work outside Sweden, it does not feel like a standard Swedish crime novel or thriller, more like something I read from across the Atlantic. Tom Clancy feels close at hand in this book. Sinon is entirely in the time given the Ebola rampage. It can get the most fearless to wash their hands twice. 

I give SINON four 'hats'."

Read full review here

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