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Monday, February 16, 2015

I dag er jeg dansk!

I am shocked and furious about the resent attacks in Copenhagen. Once again, terror strikes on both our freedom of speech and the jewish community. My warmest thoughts goes to all my southern neighbours and friends in Denmark, and to all who was affected by these awful crimes. No matter what, we will not yield to terror and suppression. I dag er jeg dansk!

MONA - Korean book cover!

This is the coat that MONA will wear in South Korea ... The book will be released in march by the Hyundae Munhak publishing company. 나는 모든 한국인들은 책을 좋아하는 희망!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Strong SINON review from the Swedish library service!

"It is well written with a well-conceived plot and surprising twists. Sinon is thought-provoking entertainment at a high level and continuous voltage all the way to the last page. "

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More fantastic Czech reviews ...

"Mona proves the strength of Nordic authors."
Read full review here

"I think the Swedish literary scene has presented a new star, very similar to the successful authors such as Stieg Larsson and Lars Kepler."
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fresh MONA reviews out of the Czech Republic.

Czech bloggers are digging their teeth into MONA.

”The most striking feature of the Mona thriller is its fragmentation. The story is told through several plot lines, which each takes place in another corner of the world. At the right moment, however, these lines meet, and the pieces of the puzzle are combined into a perfect, very sophisticated image.
 … Sehlberg perfectly plays with the tension, which gradually increases, making it impossible to break away from the novel.” My rating 7/10

Read full review here

”The whole book about a vast number of pages is divided into three main parts, and what initially seemed clear and simple, gradually entangled in a complicated and intricate tangle of events ... Mona is warmly recommend.” Rating: 87%

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