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Monday, May 26, 2014

First draft of the SINON manuscript

Yesterday I sent the first full draft of SINON, sequel to MONA, to my Swedish publisher. It has been very inspiring to continue the story and to revisit the characters of Eric, Hanna, Rachel, Tara, Jens and Akim (a.k.a. SINON).  The SINON project now enters the next phase of publishing, editing ... Most of this work will be performed together with my editor Eva Halldinger. The script is massive so I guess there will be allot of "kill your darlings" …

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Radiointerview in Sydney

Radio seems to be the big thing down under; I have recently made several radio shows in Australia. The hosts are initiated with smart and thoughtful questions. 

Hear one of the interviews here, this one for 4zzz radio in Sydney.

Thank you Australia for all the fantastic reviews!

 "MONA is an engrossing and addictive tech-fi thriller that infects the readers’ imagination from the heartbreak prologue through to the satisfying epilogue.

Author Dan T. Sehlberg has written a true readers’ delight, think Michael Crichton (author of NEXT) – only better."


"SWEDISH writer Dan T. Sehlberg’s debut novel Mona is a fast-paced techno-thriller that hits all the right spots … Mona is a richly conceptualized debut novel and with Hollywood knocking on his door, Sehlberg’s future seems assured"

CHRIS HERDE / Daily Telegraph

Monday, May 5, 2014

Kill Like A Scandinavian

Swedish embassy in Canada is pushing for the upcoming event Kill Like A Scandinavian, in Toronto Reference Library. Read more here.