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Friday, April 24, 2015

Writing ambiance

My new book, working title Burnt letters, takes the protagonist Nicholas Fors, to countries such as Norway, Switzerland, India, Italy and Brazil. It´s both challenging and fun trying to capture the characteristics of each scenery. Which ”markers” will really bring the ambiance, with its unique smells, sounds, lights and inhabitants, into the reader’s bedroom? With a limited amount of words available (number of pages is always a struggle with the publishers), you have to find the small things that makes the places come alive.             

Random House/Goldman releases cover for the up-coming MONA pocket

Verlagsgruppe Randomhouse / Goldman just released the cover for the upcoming German pocket of MONA, scheduled to be published on the 14:th of march, 2016. I think it´s one of the best covers I´ve seen for the book. Good job Goldman!

Read more here.

MONA receives five “chilies” by Slovenian Citaj!

“MONA is a sci-fi thriller with detective elements, in which the author excellently portrays vivid and living atmospheres so realistic that you will be absolutely impressed. Sehlberg is a leading expert in the field of IT and media, and skillfully uses the actual scientific knowledge in the field of brain research and IT. On top of this he added a boundless imagination, ingeniously interconnect politics at the highest level, international terrorism and the latest scientific inventions ... The result is a thrilling and original thriller, which has been praised by media all over the world.”

Read full review here

Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Greek blog review and interview

Greek blogger Jenny Koukidou first published a MONA review and later added an interview with the writer … I especially liked that the novel inspired further studies on Abraham Sutzkever and Tjajkovskij´s 7:th.

Read full review here.
Read full interview here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Athens Voice: "A masterful plot!"

MONA reviewed in Greek weekly newspaper, Athens Voice.

 "MONA, strong and vivid protagonists with equally strong secondary characters. A masterful plot and adventurous activities that carries the reader to a wide range of places. Bold depiction of a technological vision ... "Mona", besides being an impressive book, also raises important questions: the impact of new technological threats in our lives, blame the media or the user? What is the role of Christianity and Islam on the underground, geopolitical chessboard? What is the truth about the eternal conflict in the Middle East?"

Read full review here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Great SINON reviews from the Storytel audience

My warmest thank-you´s for all the "five-star" reviews on SINON. And, to Martin for his great reading!

Just back from Tel Aviv

I spent last week in Tel Aviv, a city with a special rytm, voice and heart. Fantastic people and facinating events. I especially enjoyed the "Urb-urb" exhibition at the Artport. 

Of course I also visited the hotel where Rachel and Eric meet for the first time; Montefiore, my favorite boutique-home in the center of the big orange.