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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Gibt es gute neuigkeiten: S.I.N.O.N!

"... There is good news: SINON!"

From german blogg BucherKaffe comes a fresh, new SINON review.

Read full story here.

Followers from all over the planet!

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It´s so fantastic to follow the interest and engagement for my books! This blog get´s visitors from all over the planet, and the on-goling discussions, on and off line, in book-circles, schools and amongst readers, is really overwhelming.

Thank´s for all the input and support!

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Monday, April 11, 2016

New German SINON review

German review on LovelyBooks awards SINON four out of five stars.

"Einen Roman, der durchweg spannend und super lesbar geschrieben ist und den Leser ohne irgendwelche Längen beinahe atemlos von Seite zu Seite auf den unabwendbaren Höhepunkt zu treibt ... "

"(SINON) drives almost breathless from side to side to the inevitable climax without any lengths ..."

Read full review here

New Spanish MONA review: "The best thriller this year ... "

Top MONA review from Spanish blogger, MaireDeLibro:

"Mona is the best thriller I've read this year. A thriller that has managed to combine technological advances, terrorism, politics, stress, science fiction and love. The novel brings a high dose of addiction that infects the reader's imagination, from the prologue to the epilogue."

Read full review here.

"SINON - ein solider Thriller ... "

SINON has now been published in Germany, and the reviews on Amazon are very positive. Read more here.