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Monday, December 21, 2015

Slovenian SINON just published

Slovenian publisher IKAR just presented their cover for SINON, clearly inspired by Danish MONA. I really like the shelled house, and the old watch in black and white.

Jeden z najlepších dosiek už som videl doteraz. Dobrá práca!

Order the slovienian SINON here.

Nordic´s Dan Brown

"Academician on the trail of mystery hunted by insane criminals ... Sounds like Dan Brown? Yeah. I also thought so. Dan T. Sehlberg however, wrote an interesting and less stereotypical techno-thriller named Mona."

 Read full review here.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

MONA is strongly addictive!

Just got a new MONA review from Poland.

“MONA is strongly addictive. It is an intriguing novel were the action is gradually expanding. Everything is balanced and nothing is overdone or exaggerated. It is interesting and passionate to read, whit out glitches. This is what makes MONA a novel of very good quality. And it is strongly addictive ...  I recommend everybody to read it!”

Read full review here.

SINON - breathtaking and nerve-wracking!

Czech Kultura21´s Kamila Petrášová has just published an all new SINON review.

"In this sequel, Sehlberg has once again created a carousel of exciting and tense situations, in fact,  you will not find a single weak link in the whole book.

The author points out that power and wealth only breeds more greed, playing with conscience and responsibly, hard choices between good and evil. If you want to spend a few hours in total, but alluring tension, Sinon is the right choice!"

Read full review here

German cover for SINON

Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch presents the cover for the german version of SINON, scheduled to be published on the 10:th of march. I really like the design. Read more here

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New SINON review from the Czech Republic

Leading Czech crime blog Severskedetektivky has reviewed SINON: 

”SINON is a gripping thriller full of murder, intrigue and lies. The book is packed with huge action scenes and the narrative pace is just deadly. The good guys have become bad and you'll ask yourself, what would you have done in their place? As an example, most of you will be shocked by Mossad agent Rachel Papos behavior, which in the course of the plot turns against her employer. Thanks to this, SINON avoids being a macho story just for the guys. Women and even those who like more subtle plot´s full of intrigue will love the book.

SINON has great potential for filming. The chapters are short, striking and dense, as if the author coined the motto: concise and to the point.

SINON draws you into the story from the very first chapter and forces you to lower your guard.  But before you start reading, discard prejudices and forget about what is morally right for you. This story will convince you that even the most moral person can become a heartless hyena. And accept that you could to … ”

Read full review here

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Once again; many thanks to the Storytel audience, and to Martin.

Martin Wallström, the voice on the Swedish audio books has done a tremendous work with both MONA and SINON. Not only was MONA top rated by the listeners, it was also picked as a "Storytel staff favorite". Now SINON is attracting great reviews. You find the books here.

Monday, September 14, 2015

"The new Crichton comes from Sweden."

Read full Italian MONA review here.

Upcoming SINON cover for the Czech Republic.

Like MONA, sequal SINON has many faces across the globe. Here is the cover for the Czech Republic, purple like the Nano gel ...

SINON will be published in the Czech Republic on the 15th of October by Khina Zlin.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New SINON reviews, fresh out of Poland

”The author has created a literary splendor full thriller-adventure novel.”
”I recommend it to someone like me, that love quick actions, exciting new threads, not your average style creations heroes.”
Read full review here

”Dan T. Sehlberg has created a moving novel were the scientists are Gods who´s every careless move could lead to the destruction of humanity.”
”The book reads fluently thanks to quick action and the multitude of interesting characters.”
"My rating: 7/10"
Read full review here

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer days are creative days

It´s been a good summer, even though Sweden has gotten it´s share of rain for a long time coming. I have been working on my latest bok, Burnt letters as well as starting up a whole new writing project, a crime thriller with working title The Audition. When drawing up the outline for a new novel, our hang-mat is a very good place to start.

"SINON - like a rocket launch!"

New SINON (a.k.a Antivirus) review from the Netherlands and Teatime books.

"A thrilling pursuit of which the underlying interests are bigger than they first seem: the brutal hunt of big pharmaceutical companies on drugs for lucrative purposes and the eternal struggle for power in the Middle East … The story goes like a rocket launch!" Read full review here.