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Friday, May 10, 2019

Research started for new possible book project

I just spent four days in Svalbard/Spitsbergen. Since it is situated north of mainland Europe, midway between continental Norway and the north pole, it features an arctic climate. I covered 400 kilometers on Snow-scoter, crossing the wast glaciers in a majestic, cold and surreal world. Absolutely fantastic. 
I am working on a new draft that kick-starts in the deep arctic, and the trip to Svalbard filled me with loads of new impressions and ideas. I will definitely go back soon. Big thanks to my fantastic guides, both from Basecamp and Expedition Travel.

Five stars from Krimiormen

Review blog Krimiormen awards BLS five of six stars.
"Sehlberg is an eminent narrator" 
"I give my warmest recommendations" 

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The Burnt Letter Society - One of four "gold nuggets"

Leading danish daily Fyens has picked four "guld nuggets" from the enormous mountain of books published in 2019. The Burnt Letter Society was one of them.

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