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Monday, September 29, 2014

More incoming reviews from the Netherlands ...

”This debut is both a technological tour de force and a nail biting dystopian espionage thriller, well plotted and with round characters.”
NBD Biblion (Netherlands)

”A fast paced thriller with a very plausible and authentic plot. We look forward to the second part. 4 out of 5 stars!”
Vrij Nederland Detective & Thrillergids 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Interview in German magazine MOBIL online

 Read full story here

Ein thriller der Extraklasse!

Thank you Germany for all the fantastic reviews!

”Schell, packend und konzeptionell uberzeugend, schafft ”MONA” es nach einem etwas langatmigen Anfang absolut zu begeistern. Ein thriller der Extraklasse!”
Ten years of dark enterteinment.

”Das ist mal komplexe Kost, aber die kommt sehr unterhaltend,
soghaft spannend daher.”
WDR2 Krimi-Tipp

”Eine gute SciFi-Idee, die konsequent durchführt wird, etwas
Nahostpolitik und ihre Fortführung mit anderen Mitteln (sozusagen Schätzing ohne Geschichtsunterricht), eine Menge Action, davon ein bisschen auch im Bett, etliche überraschende Wendungen und einen trotz aller Nerdigkeit sympathischen Helden.”

”Sehlberg ist ein fesselnder, dialogstarker und dramaturgisch
schlüssiger Thriller gelungen, dem viele Leser zu wünschen sind.”
Bremer Tageszeitung

”Ein packendes Debüt ist dem Schweden Dan T. Sehlberg mit ”Mona“ gelungen. Man fiebert mit Eric mit, dessen Leben genauso
in Scherben liegt wie Samirs. Computerviren. Nahost-Krise.
Mossad, FBI, Hisbollah. Zutaten aus der Hexenküche, herzhaft
E-Magazine Sonntag.

Rasant, visionär, fiktiv und absolut spannungsgeladen! Dan T. Sehlberg verblüfft in seinem Thriller mit einer angenehm überschaubaren Anzahl an
Charakteren, die nach und nach dem Leser nahe gebracht werden. Debütautor Sehlberg hat
hier wirklich aus den Vollen geschöpft und sagenhaft beklemmende Psychogramme einzelner
erschaffen und diese bis ins Detail an die Leser widergegeben. Die einzigartigen verstörten Thriller, die wirklich nahe gehen und
schockieren. Glasklare Leseempfehlung!”


German James Bond reads MONA

Dietmar Wunder, the german-speaking voice of James Bond reads MONA for the german audio book. See interview with Dietmar about MONA here

Monday, September 22, 2014

The interest for SINON is overwhelming!

"When can I read SINON?" The question is coming in from readers all over the world. I can confirm that the sequel to MONA will be available in Swedish bookstores from mid january, 2015 (Lind & co). The international translations will be published trough out 2015. I will get back with the exact dates.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Once again: day one.

Today I started on a brand new book project, working title Burning Letters. Even though this will be something totally different, the narrative demands heavy research, as did MONA and SINON. Burning Letters is a story, or perhaps saga is a better word, that I have carried around for a long time now. I changed it and challenged it and now I am finally ready. I am excited to get going, but also terrified, because from were I stand, it looks like a gigantic task: the plot not only spans the globe, but also most of what´s below … 

Teaser? What would you do in this exact moment? 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Say no to racism!

In the Swedish parlament election last Sunday, Sweden democrats, the fascist, far-right party won 13 % of the votes making them the third largest party in Sweden. Even though all other parties will join forces to work against them in parlament, with a horrifying outcome like this, it´s more important than ever that we all unite against racism.

Success for Max Borensteins Godzilla

MONA´s scriptwriter, Max Borenstein, is the talk of the town for bringing Godzilla back to the screen. The movie is topping the charts trough out. Good job Max! You find the trailer here.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Japanese cover released!

This is what MONA will look like in Japan ... 罰金と効果的なカバー。

Thursday, September 11, 2014

MONA released in the Czech Republic

When it comes to book covers, the level of creativity is fascinating.  MONA has a unique look and feel in almost every country trough out the world. Here is how publishing-house Kniha Zlin choose to present the novel.

Monday, September 8, 2014

"Sehlberg has a sci-fi idea for the ages!"

Drew Turney writes a review of MONA for Australian COSMOS Magazine. Find magazine homepage here or read the full review here.

”Mona is one of the best ideas to come out of fiction in quite awhile.
… you’ll wonder if it’s ever been done so artfully."
"With just seven words (‘I can’t remember my own husband’s name’), Mona grabs you by the throat and makes you realise Sehlberg has a sci-fi idea for the ages.”