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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New SINON reviews, fresh out of Poland

”The author has created a literary splendor full thriller-adventure novel.”
”I recommend it to someone like me, that love quick actions, exciting new threads, not your average style creations heroes.”
Read full review here

”Dan T. Sehlberg has created a moving novel were the scientists are Gods who´s every careless move could lead to the destruction of humanity.”
”The book reads fluently thanks to quick action and the multitude of interesting characters.”
"My rating: 7/10"
Read full review here

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer days are creative days

It´s been a good summer, even though Sweden has gotten it´s share of rain for a long time coming. I have been working on my latest bok, Burnt letters as well as starting up a whole new writing project, a crime thriller with working title The Audition. When drawing up the outline for a new novel, our hang-mat is a very good place to start.

"SINON - like a rocket launch!"

New SINON (a.k.a Antivirus) review from the Netherlands and Teatime books.

"A thrilling pursuit of which the underlying interests are bigger than they first seem: the brutal hunt of big pharmaceutical companies on drugs for lucrative purposes and the eternal struggle for power in the Middle East … The story goes like a rocket launch!" Read full review here.

New fantastic MONA reviews from Spain, Greece, Poland and Romania

There has been lots of great MONA reviews during the summer. Thank you!

- The author has created a literary splendor of full thriller-adventure novel. Read more

Swift, variable action which keeps its pace until the last page. Read more

There is no better feeling than closing a book and not being able to avoid having a big smile on your face :)! Mona in one word: exciting. Read more

Regarding the writing it is certainly very good, easy to read and highly addictive. The characters are very interesting and the atmosphere agonizing. Read more

This hybrid scientific and political thriller has it all! Read more

- And here!.