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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

MONA published in Russia!

Finally, MONA will now be available in Russia. Here is the backside abstract and a first look at the book cover.

"Two genius inventors on different continents, without knowing about each other finish work on projects that will forever change the life of mankind. In Sweden, Professor Eric Söderqvist creates Mind surf, a Brain-computer interface system that allows you to connect the human brain to the Internet. In Gaza, Samir Mustaf creates the ultimate computer virus - a weapon for revenge on the state of Israel. What happens when these two invention meet? Can the virus affect not only the computer, but also the human brain? Söderqvist, caught in the crossfire of fanatic terrorist organizations and ruthless foreign intelligence services, fights to save his family from the virtual monster … A monster he had helped to unleash."

More here

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