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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The SINON plot.

Sinon is convinced: Humanity is finished. It´s time for a reboot.

Hannah, married to IT professor Eric Söderqvist, is the only one who survived after being infected by the new virus NCoLV. Cryonordic, a biotech company in Uppsala says they are close to a vaccine, but the required antibodies only exist in Hannah's bloodstream. Eric is suspicious; rumors has it the owners may be linked to terrorism.

Akim Katz, code-named Sinon, is in Israeli captivity. For a long time he was one of the Prime Minister's principal advisers until being exposed as a spy for Hezbollah. After a dramatic rescue, Cryonordic gives him a secret mission. But his strive for revenge is strong and Sinon alters the project into something completely different, something much more catastrophic.

Eric realizes that his beloved Hanna is in danger. And who can offer a more efficient protection than Mossad agent Rachel Papo, a friend of Eric that just happens to show up at their house in the Stockholm archipelago. Little does he know whom Rachel really works for, or that her ruthlessness knows no bounds.

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